YBA Audiorefinement/Musical Fidelity A3

Hi:need help in choosing one of these integrates,which is better or sonic signatures on yba audio refinement complete or golden tube audio s50 mkII i think,thx,AL
Both are good, read March 2000 Stereophile Sam Tellig review of MF A300, he has reviewed both and compares them to each other.....bottom line is Tellig purchased A300 review sample, that says it all. A3 exactly same design with 85w instead of 150w, same sound, I own A3 among other MF amps. Audio Advisor won't screw you over, 30 day return ploicy ........both are highly rated products....regards Sam
I auditioned both and the Audio Refinement sounds better IMO. It is a very emotional sound amp, but very detailed as well. You should read the soundstage review found in audioreview.com. It compares the audio refinement to a pass labs combo and the reviewer had to split hais on the comparison!
I audiotioned both also, and to me the audio refinement sounded better (IMHO). This is always a subjective topic...so go with your likings. You can get the audio refinement here for about $700.00 used. To me, Audio Advisor is a rip off. Do not buy anything at list price. Your dealer should be able to discount the list price and if you don't like the amp, a good dealer should take it back within some time period. Goodluck with your choice and take care.
I would agree with Rlimo that the Audio Refinement Complete is better sounding. Both are very musical but the Complete has better detail and a slightly better low end.
I have read that the YBA is not very load tolerant but the MF is. If you know what you want, AA is not a rip off, they give you 30 days. The most important thing is what works best with your setup. Try to hear them in your home.
I purchased the MF A300 from Audio Advisor. I really enjoyed the sound of it. I just could not get Audio Advisor to send me an invoice/receipt after three weeks of asking. Amp was nice, customer service was poor. I sent it back.
My vote also goes to audiorefinement. I heard them both, and they are both good. The YBA amp was especially good with the cd player from the same line. Also try the Linn Majik. I tried all three and bought the Linn.
Both are worthy products. However I very carefully evaluated and listened to the Audio Refinement Complete, MF A3, Marantz pm-17, NAD 317 and a friends Classe'. The Audio refinement Complete had better sound, more detail, rythym and pacing, timbre than the others in my system. The Audio Refinement controls and build quality are wonderful too. For a relatively low cost integrated you get to cross into the high end! I use psb stratus gold i speakers by the way. Yiu will not be disappointed with Audio refinement. Good Luck.