YBA a Alpha HC

Anyone have feedback on this amplifier. It is 70 Watts per channel and sounds awesome but at 2200 US for a demo I am not sure if I can get something nice to go with audio research ls3. I compared with McCormack DNA-125 which was very good for its price point but YBA components are excellent including gold plated posts..etc
I purchased a YBA 1 HC (used $2200) about 3 years ago and love(d) it. About a year ago I took advantage of the YBA trade in program and sent it in to be upgraded to a mono amp for the difference in retail pricing between a HC1 and HC1 monos which is $4k. I have had 4 different pair of Martin Logan speakers that I have driven with the YBA's and have loved them. Excellent sound from the amps and the service from YBA's US distributor is first rate so I would not hesitate to buy used YBA products.
I don't own any YBA equipment but the dealer I goto carries it and it does sound very nice, warn , almost tuby not only that it runs very cool, compared to other class A equipment. I don't thing you can go wrong
Everyone that i know that owns YBA gear has NO regrets about buying it. While some of them have ended up selling some of those pieces, they have nothing bad to say about them whatsoever. They just wanted something "different" and that's what i think a LOT of audio is about. It's not necessarily better or worse, it's just "different". Like anything else, you and i will stop searching when we find the product that suits our needs. In the meantime, we'll keep trying "different" products : ) Sean