YBA 2alpha Upgrade Options

I have a YBA 2 Alpha power amp in a second system with a Aragon Aurum Preamp, Analysis Plus Oval 9 biwires to Swans M1 monitors on Orisis lead filled stands. There is enough power to drive the M1s (which are terrific monitors) but wonder if the various options YBA offers will do anything for me including the HC (high current) or DT (dual transformer) etc. Any thoughts?

I have been very impressed with changes in Power Cords in other systems. I am currently just running a Harmonic Technology AC11 Pro on it. Thoughts here?

Thanks for any help!
Hi, I personally have a HCDT Yba 2 power amp and it is a huge step toward the original 2 amp. With the High curent option the amplifier seems to have more watt power without all the disadventage of high power amp ( high temperature, bigger distortion at higher output etc) And with the Double transformator option the frequency range is extended to almost 100Khz and the sound become more transparent. This is really a great amplifier!!! The best amp I ever had ( and I had vintage and recent mcintosh, marantz and tube mcintosh, classe, mark levinson and krell)