YBA 2 amp+Sonus Faber Electa Amator?

My system comprises Audio Research LS7 pre and VT50 amp + Sonus Faber Electa Amator+ Gravis sub. I want to keep the valves (wich I love) but I´m told I should try solid state to fully explore the SF capabilyties. Do you think YBA 2 amp (not HC version) could be such an amp? Any experience and/or sugestions? I hear from classic to electronic.
If you love your tubes, I would stick with them. You can always upgrade what you have with new tubes. Contact Andy by phone at vintage tube services and he can make some suggestions. The input tubes should make the most improvement, so start with those.

Also, consider a tube DAC or tube CD player as your next equipment move.
The YBA Passion integrated was one of the best matches with my SF EAIIs if not one of the best integrated I ever had the pleasure of listening too. With that said, the I have no idea how the current YBA offerings compare.
Ruidorosa, I have heard the YBA 1 and the YBA 1 HC with SF Amati's. The amps are excellent and mate very well with these speakers. However, I think that the SF's do generally prefer tube amps to ss amps. What don't you like about your current VT50?
Hi Daveyf
I do love my VT50 and will never let it go (well, maybe if I could get a VT100...). Only I would like to experience a ss power, adding one.
The YBA 2 power I have on offer has 70W but I don´t know if it will have enough current to show me some more off the Electas Amator. I can´t find nothing on this subject.