Yaqin Integrated amp and tube rolling??

These are amazing amps for their price!!! Anyone had
experience tube rolling with these?? The Chinese tubes are
not bad, but I'm sure these can be taken to another level
with better tubes??
I want to buy some, but figured someone may be able to save
me some leg work! :o)
which model?
Sorry, it's the MC-10T.
I had the MC-10L which used EL34's and 6N1 tubes. It appears yours uses 12AT7 which is probably good given you have a near unlimited opportunity for subs. I would search archives for 12AT7 subs for the pre tubes.

As for the EL34's My Yaquin came with Shuguang tubes which weren't bad. SED Wing C's are better. I ended up installing some Russian 6P3S-e's that were excellent (and cheap).

I no longer have my MC so the tube rolling has stopped.
Can I add on here and ask about the ms-20l and tube rolling options?
A belated reply for other owners.
I have owned a Silk Audio MS-38 with Yaqin 6ca7 blue glass tubes for just over a year now.
It is a cosmetically modified version of the Yaqin MS20. I ran the supplied 5654 Chinese tubes for about 100 hours.
They did open up after about 40 hours, but the GE 5654's I replaced them with were immediately more refined. After burning in the sound was so sweet and emotionally involving I didn't want to  turn it off!  You could stop at that point, until the blue 6ca7s start to age.
I am now burning in a set of NOS Mullard 5654's and reissue Mullard cryo EL34s from Upscale Audio. Will report on my impressions soon....