Yami A-S1100

There is no shortage of boasting out there about its suppy but no numbers to back it up, other than rated wattage numbers (which are just ok) I wasnt able to locate any. If someone can direct towards more detailed specs it would be appreciated.  
The power output capability for the Yamaha A-S1100 is 90 wpc, using a 20Hz to 20kHz test tone range with an 8 ohm load with a .07% THD.

Ill bite just for fun. Anyone who knows me personally wouldn't say I lack energy. Yami is commonly known a shorter nick name among bike and snowmobile circles. By a few audio enthusiasts too, everyone knows a Yami!!! In two days from now you'll be saying Yami too. At least if its proves to be as contagious as anal retentiveness and jumping off topic ;)

I was looking for more in depth specs in the output side, I let that one pass.    
Yamaha lists the output at 8 Ohms to be 105 W, and 160 W @ 4 Ohms:

It's always been my experience that Yamaha publishes very conservative technical specs.
Yes there are another dozen just like that one readily available through a search. I was hoping for a little more meat and potatoes, so to speak. How do they come to that advertised wattage rating, be it accurate or under rated. 51 pounds would indicate some weight were it also counts and a little better idea of real world performance might of been helpful. I find often companies who under rate an amplifiers wattage output also specify a little more detail. Not always but its more likely.  

By experience do you mean playing by ear or on a test bench? Sometimes extra gain can make an amp seem more powerful that it is, as well as some other factors.     
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