Yamamotoa - Help

I am interested in buying one of their amps and I am having troulbe finding who sells them in the US. I contacted the manufacturer twice with no response. Is their a distributor in the US I can contact?
Venus hifi was the importer when I purchased my Yamamoto DAC in JAN-2010. I`m not sure if Venus is in bussiness any longer.
venus hifi is out of business, more than a year now.
Venus HiFi is no longer in business. I recommend that you continue to look at Audiogon and Ebay; amplifiers appear not infrequently. Alternatively, you can continue to try to contact the manufacturer. Finally, if you go to 6Moons, you will see the following for sale. . .

Yamamoto A-09S 300B SET with WE outputs and C3m drivers. 230V. Mint. New €7.300, now €5.000. Includes EAT and Emission Labs backup tubes.

Yes Venus has closed its doors, thank you for your response. I am sure someone picked up that fine line.
I couldn't find trace of a new US dealer / distributor either.

You could try the Canadian distributor:


Or contact the manufacturer directly. Communicating in English with him is sometimes challenging, but I know that he will sell direct.

Jac Music carries the line, however it is located in Germany. Very reputable company, known for there tubes. Highly recommended.