Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC

Where / How can I purchase a Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC in NA? I emailed Yamamoto Sound Craft Corp but never got a reply. I don't speak Japanese and was hoping they can read English. LOL!!!
Anybody try the new Yamamoto YDA-02 USB dac? It is USB only output, has a built in headphone amp and cost $350. I'm curious how it would sound compared to the YDA-01?
Well, you lose the power supply, which seems a major limitation of any USB DAC. No getting around the impact of a great power supply IME
Well, I’ve just acquired the Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC and... Wow. So natural sounding with beautiful tone. I’m floored.
I have no patience for current DACs with their hyper detailed sound. The Yamamoto is so easy to listen to and brings incredible joy every time I do.

Charles, may I ask who did the CAST Lundahl mod and how much more is it worth doing?

Hi devilboy,

No Lundahl modification. I just had a local tech replace the stock 
output coupling caps (which  are very good) with the Duelund CAST copper foil capacitors. This was done quite some time ago (6 years or so) and the CAST pair cost about 450.00 at that time. . Worth every penny IMHO.

Absolutely agree with your listening impressions. Beautifully natural, instruments and voices just sound right. Yamamoto has not modified or changed anything with this DAC since its introduction more than 10 years ago. When the sound is pure and natural there's  no need to tamper with the product.

I've had mind for probably  8 or 9 years (maybe even longer). I was very happy with the stock DAC and only changed the caps due to my success /happiness with the CAST caps placed in my speaker's crossover done about a year prior.  I've heard quite a few very well regarded DACs through the years but not one of them has given me the urge to replace the  simple Yamamoto YDA-01. It has stood the test of time. It just  flies under the radar.


Oops. Sorry. Meant Duelund. I have a close friend who is very handy with audio equipment/ soldering, etc. Maybe I’ll ask him to do it.
Where did u purchase them, may I ask?

The Yamamoto will be fed into a Raven Audio Nighthawk MKIII. Pics in my Virtual Systems will follow.