Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC

Where / How can I purchase a Yamamoto YDA-01 DAC in NA? I emailed Yamamoto Sound Craft Corp but never got a reply. I don't speak Japanese and was hoping they can read English. LOL!!!
Try Jacmusic.com
Thanks Chadeffect!
When I got my Yamamoto DAC in JAN. 2010 I was so impressed with its sound I sent Shigeki Yamamoto an email expressing my gratitude. I received a reply within days in english(it was very gracious).Samuel Furon of Ocellia does carry this line in Canada.I`m not sure if he`s the North American distributor however.
I can understand your interest,superb redbook CD playback. It`s an 'exceptionally' pure and natural sounding DAC that goes pretty much unoticed in this country.
Thanks Charles, that's what I'm hearing from ears I trust. The Yamamoto best several popular DACs in the 35K+ range.
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Hi Knghifi,
The YDA DAC lacks USB and has but a single RCA input i.e. it has little flexibility and frills.It seemingly was built for only one purpose, pure music reproduction and the emotional beauty it provides when things are kept natural and the emphasis is centered on realism.

Mr. Yamamoto avoids op-amps and any trace of NFB in his DAC.His power supply is very stout and regulated and the transformer he uses is significantly over specified for DAC duty. The output stage is ultra simple and direct.

The result is organic -holistic beauty and truth.Tone,timbre and harmonics are dead on accurate(tonality really matters to me). This DAC extracts the best from CDs(but it won`t make crap sound good). I`ve heard some very good and well regarded CD players/DACs but the Yamamoto is IMO one of the very best.I have the SS version, there is a tube YDA also.6 Moons reviewed both and in the tubed version review there are many comparisions between both(conclusion, he felt both are superb with subtle differences).Which one are you interested in?
Another link with close-up photos.
Roscoeiii, never got your msg. Agon must of censored it. :-)

Charles1dad, I'm leaning toward the SS version. I plan to use ethernet and don't care for USB. Besides inferior performance, I don't need a laptop in my rack. :-)
I believe you`ll be very happy with it. I`m surprised you`re aware of this DAC as it`s seldom talked about much. It really does fly under the audiophile radar.
Knghifi. Slap gmail onto my username and you can reach me.
The USA distributor for Yamamoto is found at ratocsystems.com They`re located in Santa Clara, CA.
Charles1dad, thanks for the info.
Knghifi, I am considering to get a Yamamoto YDA-01B DAC? Did you get one and how do you like it?
Kudret, my PS Audio MKII with bridge sounds excellent so I decided to change speakers instead. Sold my EW Andra IIs months ago and Logitech Boom is my only system now so busy shopping for speakers.
If you`re happy with what you have there`s no compelling reason to change. I think you would have really enjoyed the Yamamoto DAC but obviously you don`t need both DACs.
Good luck with your speaker quest.
Charles1dad, dac is like computers, I don't chase the latest and greatest. I had a MW Transporter before the PWD and with a few tweaks, it was still competitive with everything I've auditioned. With some materials, I prefer it over the PWD.
I agree, often it's better to maximize what you have than constantly changing components on the upgrade path.
Anybody try the new Yamamoto YDA-02 USB dac? It is USB only output, has a built in headphone amp and cost $350. I'm curious how it would sound compared to the YDA-01?
Well, you lose the power supply, which seems a major limitation of any USB DAC. No getting around the impact of a great power supply IME