Yamamoto A-08S vs Decware amps

Has anyone compared the Yamamoto A-08S to any amps from Decware? I've narrowed my choice down to either the Yamamoto A-08S or one of the Decware amps, but I'm having such a hard time deciding. I've read great reviews on both, but I can't find any comparisons. It would be great to hear from people who have heard both.
Apples and oranges.

Are you asking the members of this forum to compare the vendors products (eg. build quality), or are you asking for an opinion on the sound differences between the 45 triode (Yammy) or EL84/SV83/6L6 (Decware)tube types?
I'd appreciate any information comparing the Yamamoto 45 with any of the Decware tube amps. Knowing the differences between build quality and sound would be great. I haven't heard either, so any information would be helpful.