Yamamoto A-08S SET Amp w/ 4-ohm 93db speakers

Hello everyone, need some advice from anyone with experience with the Yamamoto A-08S or A-010 Amps. Can either be safely paired with a nominal 4-ohm impedance 93/db speaker? I listen from a fairly near-field position and don’t play very loud.

(PS - I don’t need advice on the peril of pairing a flea watt amp with "lower" efficiency speakers though as I’m well aware of that. The speaker situation will be rectified in the near future either by buying or building one. Thanks)

I got a Japanese friend to email Yamamoto about 2 months back but have yet to hear back from them so I’m wondering whether any Audiogoner can provide me with some insight to my question above.

While we’re on the subject of SET amps, which of the 3 amps below would you guys recommend? I’m pretty much set on choice 1 but am intrigued with choices 2 & 3.

1. Yamamoto A-08S or A-010
2. Triode Lab 45M Set Monos (with upgraded parts, which are TBD)
3. Decware SE84UFO3 Monos

Do be aware that the reason I’m asking is because it’s pretty much impossible for me to audition any of the amps as I’m located in Malaysia. Appreciate any feedback I can get.

Thank you.

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I bought a real nice SET 45 from Will Vincent (autospec). Custom white powder coat ST70 chassis. 6C6 pentodes driving the 45’s. Rectifier is a 5V4. All USA tubes! Encron output trannies. I paid $1600 (if I remember right). A superb amp! Alas, with its 1.75wpc not very practical for most speakers! It will work well with my Klipsch Heresy’s (99 db sensitivity).
I recommend you contact Will and get him to build you a 45 SET like mine. It will work with your 93 db speakers as long as you can accept a limit on maximum SPL And cost half as much as those other amps! Heck, you could get two, use one per channel strapped. This would give you 3.5 wpc in a mono configuration! Some consider the venerable 45 as THE best triode. Joe Roberts of Sound Practices thought so!
There is an excellent review of the Yamamoto 08S in Stereopile from some years ago! Along with John Atkinson’s test report. That is where I decided I wanted one! And later reading Joe Roberts’ report on the 45 triode in Sound Practices. Plus the Vacuum Tube Valley issue with the 45 on the cover added to my interest in this tube!
I own a Finale Audio 300b SET ( same company as Triode Labs) and I have to say its wonderful and very well made. So my vote is for the Triode labs amps they are very nice and made in NA. I'd also get the upgraded transformers I have Hashimotos and love them. 

Thank you everyone for the replies. Much appreciated.
On the topic of Yamamoto amps, anyone here has experience with the 6550/KT88 based Yamamoto A-03S amplifier?