Yamaha vs. Rogue

Hey now,

Mid hifi guy here.  I am  hoping soon to up grade my integrated amp in the near  future. This would be  for my stereo rig which features a Yamaha CD-S2100 CD/SACD/DAC; which I love, a pair of vintage Ohm C2's, in exceptional condition. The spec on my loud speakers are as follows, the sensitivity at 2.8 volts is 88 dB and the frequency response is 37-20,000 Hz (+/- 3dB).

I am currently driving these Ohm's with my Nikko NA-890 integrated amp, which I purchased way back in 1981 from Tech Hifi. This amp has a been a  faithful work horse for decades, and  features VU meters. In between the  player and the amp I have a Jolida Foz-SS-X Sound Stage Expander.

I am now totally into high resolution as a result of this new player, as it has  superb DAC.

I have had my eye on marrying the CD player which it's sister model, the Yamaha A-S2100 integrated amp, which features VU meters and has that  " retro" look I love. It is  quite the performer as well, as it features a good phono stage, which can handle MC/MM, and features  floating and balanced power amplifier with MOSFETs and "an original EI transformer, carefully customized for optimum compatibility with the chassis."

Then the Rogue Sphinx V3 caught my eye. It's a integrated tube amp, so I would more than not need the Jolida if I went with this one. The Yamaha  new is $1000 more, but I can get it for  about the same  price from a reputable online dealer out of Florida that sells Yamaha factory authorized refurbished.

Vincent Audio integrated tube amps also  caught my eye as well.

I know someone who is  big on vinyl and has a Sphinx V2 and has been very happy with it and may upgrade to the V3. This person has a wide eclectic taste in music, as do I. So either amp would power the full  gambit of rock, classical, jazz, and even opera.

Granted it is an apples to oranges comparison but I know Rogue Audio is  very highly regarded.

The V3 is a Class D and there is some difference of opinions on that subject, and I would welcome any insight, but being a solid state  guy it seem it would  be  fine transition. The other features are comparable, but the V3 weighs 20 lbs less.

I also have a pair of factory refurbished Ohm H's that may become part of this rig, as they have  banana plugs, the C2s do not, so I can upgrade to a nice speaker cable as well.These speakers are basically the  " big brother" to the C2s and have lower bass response down to 33 HZ, but the other specs are exactly the same.

The next step will be getting back into vinyl so that has to be a factor as well. I will be starting at  square one when that trigger eventually gets  pulled, as I unloaded hundred of  albums back in the late 1990's...but that one is for another  thread.

Happy trails.