Yamaha t520 am fm tuner flys under the radar

I had one and the OTA recordings were indistinguishable from the renowned Luxman T117 and Denon TU-800. Not many show up on the auctions. If you get one you will be very pleased.
Interesting post, since you're new to Audiogon and just happen to have said tuner for sale:

I stick by my remarks. That tuner sounds good. Now I am going to experiment with a Luxman T-100L in 220V...and a Denon TU-550. I suspect the Luxman-Alpine will be a sweet sound. My experience with the R106 was very good. The so called "Computer Analyzed Tuning" that was also in the T117 makes for a darn good sound. Unless I got a bad one, I found the the Luxman analog TU-110u not a good tuner. Pretty case, lousy tuner.... recessed, flat, muffled.