Yamaha T-2 tuner lamp replacement

I just bought a used Yamaha T-2. Just got it yesterday but it seems like a great tuner.

The lights/lamps that light up the tuning dial and meters are burned out. I have not opened the cover to take a look but does anyone have any idea if these are user servicable and where I might buy the necessary lights?
If you have the guts to open it up, I probably have the bulb for the cost of shipping only($1). What can you hurt by unplugging it and taking a look inside?
Be Brave & open it . You'll probably need a screw driver. Go to RADIO SHACK with the bulbs- You just might find them there....good luck
I replaced mine with units from Radio Shack. Some of the screws are secured with Loctite. You may have to use a bit of force
The meter lamps are available direct from Yamaha (at least they were as of last summer...i replaced mine at that time). If you are still in need of replacing these lamps, let me know...I'll go into a bit more detail re: the "fix". Good luck.