Yamaha T-1

Can anyone tell me anything about this tuner. I have the option to pick one up for about $50 or maybe a little less.
It seems to play well but it is a little old from what I can tell. Not a lot of information on the internet about it. I
wonder if I could get a manuel if I were to contact Yamaha? It's part of an estate sale so there's no owner to ask any questions.
this is a classic tuner. They sell on Ebay for $200 or $300.
The T-1 was manufactured in 1978-79. It's the little brother of the renowned T-2 (known as one of the best tuners of all time). The T-1 retailed for $365. I payed $75 for a used mint one. They may sell on ebay for $200 - 300, but like most things on ebay you might often pay way too much.
I have owned this tuner since it was new, and while I do not listen to FM as much as CD's or LP's this unit has been flawless. It is turly a classic and if you can get one for $50.00 I would highly receommend doing so.

Good luck and I think you'll enjoy it.
Thanks guys, I picked the T-1 up on the way home from work. It's playing now and sounds great, it also looks great - not
a mark on it. I sent an e-mail to Yamaha and their reply was "if they could find a manuel, they would forward it to me at no charge". That's nice of the people at Yamaha.