Yamaha RXv4600 w/HDMI issues. GUI ?

Howdy. I have a Yammie pre/amp and I have just hooked it up to a Sony 52" 1080p & DirecTv HD and BluRay recorder using the HDMI's. NOW I am not able to enter the setup mode on the Yamaha with the HDMI's hooked up. I get a readout on the amp of "GUI" and the setup goes nowhere. Anyone with some insight on this? Please don't send me to AVSForums or Audiioholics. Been there and their sites will boggle a simple mind like mine. Any body know the answer to get out of the GUI and allow me work the setup? What is the GUI...?
Thanks is advance, John
The yamaha will not pass the gui through the hdmi out. You must hook up one of the other video outs to get it. A composite cable would be the easiest and it probably came with one.

Yamaha will only pass set up menu via component. Using a Yammie as a pre pro presently. hook up component cables and problem should correct itself..
How will I change the input cable choice if I can't get to the setup? Is there a way to change them on the front panel? Please don't tell me I will have to manually change cabeling each time I want to adjust something.
Thanks big time. This HT stuff will drive ya ta drinking earlier than usual...
Can I keep the HDMI & component cables hooked up simultaniously and jog between the two?
Thanks! John
I stand by my earlier statement and don't believe the gui can only be passed with component out. You should be able to have any video outs hooked up at the same time with no problem. Have you tried another video hook up?

You should be able to see your menu options on the front panel of the yammi. Go to manual set up to video options and the is a selection of osd component yes or no...Select yes. on screen will function via your component out. Setting to no will result in you having to use the screen of receiver to see set up options...When you want to use the set up menu just use your tv remote and select component then go back to hdmi when finished..
Zigonht. Thanks a lot. Now I have it.