Yamaha RXA1010 AV rec drive 4ohm speakers ?

Will the new Yamaha Aventage AV receiver model RX A1010 drive 4ohm speakers? I had a NAD T762 which broke and is too expenisve to fix. My speakers are Dynaudio Focus 140's for the front which is 86db sensitivity and my center is the Focus 200cc 87db, rears are Mirage OM R2. I have decided to keep my budget around $1000.00. I cannot find any info on how well the Yamaha amps in this receiver will sustain driving a 4ohm load. This is just going to be used for HT. Thanks for any feedback.

Plinius integrated 9200
Rega P5 TT W/dynavector cart 20x2L
Wire DNM & FMS
Rega Dac W/pioneer BDP 51FD as transport
I am having issues with my Yamaha shutting down trying to play 4 ohm speakers
I've read that Yamaha is good w/ 4 ohm speakers. I have a little older RX-V659 (100w x 7) that does fine with 4 ohm speakers. There is a setting in the amp with an 8 ohm or 6 ohm setting (for 4 ohm speakers). But, I read a comprehensive review that says to use the 8 ohm setting for 4 ohm speakers too, because the 6 ohm setting limits the output to protect the amp from clipping, but the performance is better with the 8 ohm mode. Can you download the manual an see if this is true on your model?
Keep in mind that 4ohm doesn't always mean 4 ohm... Some speakers are 4 ohm nominal but dips well below that in certain registers.
This is true, but my Yamaha claims 4 ohm compatibility. The 6 ohm setting is just a label for their feature that limits the power amp sections performance. I'm running 88 db ,4 ohms speakers w/o issue.