Yamaha RX-Z1 with Studio 100'S V2.

Anyone ever run studio 100's directly from a receiver? I'm currently using my Yamaha RX-Z1 as a glorified preamp for my Parasound HCA-2200. I've enjoyed the set up for a few years.
The review I read regarding the RX-Z1 by Gene DellaSala mentioned running RBH 1266-LSE with the RX-Z1 (Initially he used his Aragon 8008, but later tested the Yamaha by itself) quite well. Gene had very good things to say about the Yamaha. Has anyone else run a pair of beefy speakers using only the RX-Z1? I'm contemplating 'downsizing,' but not at the expensive of compromising performance.
I never turn my Parasound off; therefore it's always ready to deliver whatever I ask of it (and has consistently). I would be going from that to asking the Yamaha to do the same thing with less power.
Regarding Yamaha - I've only had outstanding expereinces with Yamaha receivers over the years, and continue to have excellent experiences with the RX-Z1
Any suggestions or comments?
As good as the amps in the Yammy receiver may be, I doubt they're as good as an independent 2-ch stereo amp.

Whether they're good enough for you, I can't answer.

Why not try it and find out?

Let us know what you discover.
I tried it, and by-golly, the Yammie stood-up-and-met-the-challenge-head-on! ! ! I did outstanding. If I hadn't began with the Parasound, I don't think I'd have missed anything in performance. Compared to the Parasound (And Gene Delasalla (sp?) with audioholics.com already noted it in his review of the RX-Z1), the RX-Z1 didn't have as much . . . punch. Kind of like Michael Jordan and Kolby Bryant. I don't think anything would be missed if kids today only knew of Kolby - but . . . compared to Mike . . . not as much . . . oomph, i.e. "punch." More technically speaking, with the parasound, the presence, sound stage, and basss seem more pronounced, more defined. Drastically so? Not at all. In fact, I don't know if there is a quality of difference - it's more like a quantity difference.
I've not hooked the parasound up again - not yet. I can hear its call getting louder and louder though. :)

Enjoy the sound!

I have a Yamaha RX-Z1 in Champagne Gold and use it as a pre-amp for my full Active Paradigm Reference System. It sounds outstanding with my Active 40's(cherry veneer). I have no sub but since I upgraded all my power cords to Signal Magic 6ft, the sound is "Awesome". I will upgrade soon to the Reference Silver Signal cords and Silver Reference RCA's. I also have a Digital Signal Reference 6FT power cord for my Yammy and made a huge difference since I use it as a pe-amp. Definition, bass is tighter, high range is clean and clear, smoother midrange,very dynamic sounding. Try the Ref Signal Power cord on your Yammy. That will make you throw your Parasound out the window -LOL. THX Paul