Yamaha RX-V663BL receiver?

Now I'm Thinking of swapping out my Denon 1800AV for a more modern unit with analog input or HDMI from the SACD/DVD A player. I'm Considering the Yamaha RX-V663BL; any other ideas in the sub $500 range?
The yamaha and Denon have traditionally had a very different overall sound. I would ask "if you liked the sound of your denon in your setup, or not?" If it sounded great with your existing speakers/setup, I would stay with Denon likely.
The Yamaha's traditionally were a bit leaner in the bass, not so warm sounding, a bit more analytical (at least at the lower price points), a little hollower in the mid-range, compared to the Denon (which was warmer, more full-bodied, slightly rolled off in the high's, with fatter bass). So, I would say depends on the rest of your system, definitely.
Another receiver to consider is Harmon Kardon in that price, with lots of power, refined sound, and latest processing. Although the Denon's excellent Audyssey is hard to beat.
Good luck
Thanks for the input, I do like my Denon, so I looked at the Denon web page. A whole slew of AV receivers!, I'm heading to my dealer now. The units with Sug retails from $350 to $850 caught my eye.
Also looked at Cambridge Audio page, anybody with experience on their 640R? looks around $800ish.
OK, Always a bad idea to go see Mark, (My audio dealer/pusher) He has a demo Integra 7.8, sounds like it's the "real deal"
What do you guys think?