Yamaha RX-V2400 vs. Denon AVR-3803

I am in the market for a new surround receiver and have narrowed it down to 2. The Yamaha RX-V2400 and Denon AVR-3803. I am looking for guidence as to which unit would be better. I use my home theater mainly for DVD movies. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I think that it would boil down to what type of sound do you want. If you want a cleaner and more refined sound, then I would go for the Yamaha RX-V2400. If you want more power and definition (lacking a better word) with bass punch and slam, then I would go for the Denon AVR-3803.

I am in the process of upgrading my home theater system also, and I am getting a new surround sound receiver as well. For a while, I have been interested in the Yamaha RX-V740. But now that newer upper line models such as Yamaha's RX-V-1400 and RX-V2400 have recently hit the market, I am sort of intrigued with the RX-V1400 myself, and am thinking about auditioning that model before finally making a decision. The RX-V1400 is $200.00 more than the RX-V740, and what I want to know more than anything is what do I stand to gain for $200.00 more dollars by going with the RX-V1400 over the RX-V740. My room is rather on the small side, so I am not going to need the extra power in most cases (110W x 7 for the RX-V1400 vs. 90W x 6 for the RX-V740). And I don't know whether I am going to be using the extra features as well. I know that if I won't be using a whole lot of extra features, nor if I wouldn't need the extra power so to speak, then I am going to end up with the RX-V740. But that's just me though.

So then, I would say go ahead, listen to both (the Yamaha RX-V2400 and the Denon AVR-3803) and see which type of sound from both of these receivers appeal to you. And then I would narrow it down to features. Which ones you think you'll need the most vs. which ones you can do without. I would then base my finally decision on that criteria.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping........

To replace my old Yamaha HTR5540, I just bought the Yamaha RX-V1400 as a pre/pro to mate with my Marantz 5-ch amp. I am such a rookie that I am glad I got this model with the YPAO feature. I let the YPAO do all the quick and dirty work, i.e. to calculate the flat equilibrium, which I never had before since I didn't have a SPL meter. Calculated flat equilbrium definitely improves my HT sound quality. Moreover, I let the Yahama does all the up conversion to component video since my plasma TV has only 1 component video input. Such feature was a wife and kids well welcome. This was not my intention, but my gears are quasi THX certified. I just did not have the heart to change my Audioquest, Tributaries, and IXOS cables to Monster THX cables. heh heh heh
I have had this model for a month. Since my plasma has only 1 video component input, I use the video up conversion. What I have noticed is that some channels flicker badly. When I bypass the unit by hooking the S-video directly into the plasma, all channels work fine. I'll contact Yamaha tomorrow, but either I have a defective unit or the unit still has bug. If any one else has similar problem, please advise.
I contacted Yamaha, and the rep took my info down to be forwarded to the eng. dept. I contacted my local dealer, and the tech guy asked me to go through all possible different combo set up to make sure that it's not the Yammie. It boils down to 3 diff. scenarios. If I run my cable box into the VCR (typical recording setup) and into the receiver for up conversion, some channels flicker on TV. If I bypass the receiver and run the S-video up to the plasma, all channels work fine. If I bypass the VCR by running the cable box into the receiver, all channels work fine. I suppose that it's time to look into Tivo. Can't have my cake and eat it too, I suppose.