Yamaha RX-V1 vs Marantz SR-19

I want to buy a receiver for both music and movie. I just need a receiver which have 5 channels, so the number of channel of the RX-V1 is not my concern. My concern is which one will give better sound quality? Please let me know what do you guys think?
Thanks a lot.
They sound very different. Only your ears can guide you. However,I owned the SR 19 and if I didn't want to move to seven channels, I'd have kept it. A B&K replaced it but I still miss the sweet Marantz sound of the SR 19.
Thanks for your response, Mt10425. I love the detailed and warm sound. The RX_V1 has a lot of features to compare with the marantz. However, the marantz is THX certified and the RX-V1 is not. Does the THX certified really mean that the device has better quality? Thanks for all response.
??? any idea, guys???Please help me out. I can't decide which one i should buy.
I have the RX-V1, have used it with several speaker sets, all in 5.1 config. I am not familiar with the Marantz or the Marantz house sound. I have found the RX-V1 to be pretty versatile, warm, and pretty musical in two channel. I have moved on to other gear that keep it for a second system, but still love it. I have tried it against some other THX rated gear, I don't place much credit in that rating.

Which speakers are you using? Are you using external amps or the RXV1's own amps?