Yamaha Rx-V1 Channel Drop Out

Wanted to know if anyone else has experienced/is experiencing the famed "channel drop out," which is very common with the V1. Because my V1 is not under warranty, it was just cost-prohibitive to have the entire video board replaced - so instead, I am having the rear RCA jack field, which is subject to the problem replaced. Has anyone else gone this route and had success/failure? Any feedback would be most appreciated.
I have found the dreaded channel drop out is caused by dirty contacts in the switches (which disable the amps when an interconnect is inserted into the rca plug outputs) It will show up even though you never have used external amps. The solution seems to be to get some tuner/contact cleaner, spray it on a phono plug, insert, and rotate, giving the liquid a chance to dry before powering up the amp. Give it a try before attempting major surgery.
Although I have no specific experience with the Rx-V1, I agree with Amp. Dirty contacts are often at the root of intermittent electronic problems. Regular cleanings of all your system contacts is a worthwhile audio 'chore' to keep it sounding it's best.

Here is a decent whole system solution for few bucks.

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I think this problem is a result of overactive overload protection circuits which do not reset fast enough. I had this problem on my RX V1, the channels would eventually come back on by themselves after a couple of days/weeks. I found that simply plugging an RCA patch cord into the preamp output of the channel and plugging the other end to a false input would reset it and the channel would come back on again. I had to do this about four or five times a year with one of the channels, particularly the surround channels.