Yamaha RX-A4030 not powering on

hi, its a RX-A3040. its doa. not powering on.no click when i push the on button? any ideas ? common issues with this model?
Try holding in the power button for 10 seconds to reboot. Plug out and wait a minute. Plug in again. You sure there are no shorts on the speaker wires?
If the proposed reboot does not work, un-screw and take off the top of the unit and check the fuse.  The fuse is mounted on a small board right at the power cord connector.  It should be a size 5x20mm small fuse with a 15A rating.  You can check with a digital multi-meter or just order some replacement fuses from Digikey (recommended use LittleFuse brand).
thanks, fuse is good. seems as if it does not see me pushing the power button