Yamaha RS-700 vs Outalw audiRR2150 Stereo Receiver

Yamaha RS-700 vs Outalw audiRR2150 Stereo Receiver.

can anyone speak to both of these? If so which one is the better buy for 2 channel music?
I have owned the Outlaw RR2150 for 8 years and am very happy with it ... no complaints. One of the Outlaw's selling points is its excellent radio tuner, which distinguishes it from most receivers below $1K. I have no experience with the Yamaha RS-700, but there are some features that make it distinctive from the Outlaw.

Two questions:

1. What speakers are you planning to use with either receiver? I have paired the RR2150 with several different monitors over the years and the resultant sound varied noticeably.

2. The RS700 is Sirius radio ready and if you are planning to listen to Sirius exclusively, as opposed to FM, the RS700 is attractive at its price point, which is roughly $200 less expensive than the Outlaw.

I currently have a pair of mirage OMD-15's. No sub yet, still on the fence but will probably get one for movies.
Update: Ended up buying the outlaw after comparing the 2. I felt the outlaw had a more robust build and internals, the better tuner also helped. So far its pushing my mirage speakers quite nicely.Paired it with and onkyo 7030 and got some genuine compliments from an audiphile friend. After listening to the system in my loft for a few hours he said he wants to build a dedicated 2 channel system again...:)