Yamaha PX-2 Cartridge

I've coveted on of these since seeing one in a HiFi shop as a kid, and I just found one here on A'gon. I was tempted to toss a Shure V15 type IV on it (new stylus), but what other suggestions could I get for a nice matching cartridge?
I have one with a Denon DL 304 mounted.
Ghostrider, how is it??
I wanted to try a MC cartridge on this table. The 304 is a low output MC cartridge that seems to mate well with the arm. It has higher compliance than the DL 103, which is why I chose it. I think it is a solid performer. It is very detailed and has good bass response. It tracks very well at about 1.2 - 1.4 grams (from memory). Mounting and alignment are straightforward, unlike pivoted arms.

One problem with the table is that it doesn't allow you to move and drop the arm without the platter turning, so you have to rely on the arm calibration for tracking force. I haven't been able to use a stylus force gauge with this table.
for the heck of it I put my VPI Zephyr on this table, balanced it, and..... great sound

I'm going to do some tweaking to the table, MerrilScallia mat, center weight, and I will dampen the chassis and get some more vibration control. If it improves enough, I may sell my VPI Classic and just enjoy this beautiful automatic table for a while
Well, I bought a Shure V15 vxMR and have ordered a JICO replacement cartridge. Going for that early/mid 80's synergy sound.
I Love my PX-2. I have several cartridges (Koetsu Rosewood Signature, Shelter 901, Accuphase AC-2, Dynavector Ruby Karat and ZU DL-103R) all mounted on Sumiko Headshells. It is so easy to change out cartridges with the PX-2. Easy to set the tracking force coupled with VTA on the fly, make it fun to compare cartridges. I also have a PX-3 that I use for shows. Same headshells work on both. I also have a highly upgraded VPI Aries Extended with JMW 12.7i arm that sure is sexier, but I truly can't tell much difference in sound. If I had to pick one to keep, if I could only keep one, it would be to keep the PX-2. I understand there is a PX-1, but haven't seen one.