Yamaha PF 800B Turntable?

Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of this table? I might buy one as a second rig.It has a very unusual arm constructed of twin tubes. Worthwhile unit or what? Where might I find some information on this table, etc? Thanks.
Pretty cool table. Not the greatest sound but not terrible. Don't pay more than $200.00. I sold them back in the day when I was a hifi dealer.
I owned this table a while ago. It is not too bad and looks cool to boot. I sold it on ebay over a year ago. It went for $325. Pretty good price, I thought, considering it didn't event have a good working cover. (I broke the hinges).

Here are some things that I remember:

Belt driven. (You can still get the belt from Yamaha.)

Heavy platter.

There are three suspension springs that you have to adjust for level. It might just have been me, but I found it difficult to get this thing leveled.

The cover is still available from Yamaha for $90 shipped.

The interconnects are hard wired. (Can't use your own)

The Sure V15 type IV cartridge is a pretty good match for the table and arm.

I might have a copy of the manual if you want.