yamaha pc2602m

anyone have experience with the yamaha pc2602m, a professional amp for consumer purposes
Yes i got my hands on this Amp last year in very clean condition for around $AUD700 for Power Amp in a domestic Stereo set up. I am using it with a Rotel RC 995 Pre Amp , from my experience it has performed very well it has the typical "Yamaha Pro Sound" perhaps a little "hard edged" but driving my vintage Altec Santana's it is effortless, The build quality is what one would expect from a professional power amp,The Thermal Fan has only ever kicked in once on one of our 44 Celcius! Summer days but only for a short time.I have also used it to drive my 4ohm Dali 400 Floorstanders , no problem, the PC2602M found it a breeze.
This is a serious Amp and judging from some of the prestege installations around the world where the need for reliability is paramount the Yamaha has some good recommendations
Anthony Conroy