Yamaha P2201 Connections

I'm going to be using the Pre Outs on my Kenwood Integrated to connect a newly-acquired P2201 Power Amp. I don't think I want to use the XLR's. I know that there are two 1/4" "headphone" jacks for each channel in addition to the XLR's...how do I make the connections from the RCA Pre Outs?

This is only a stop gap measure until I find a Yamaha control amp and tuner to round out my system. I realize that the Kenwood integrated will limit the benefits of the extra power to a certain extent but I'm hoping the extra power will improve sound incrementally in the meantime.

Thank you for your help.
See my answer in your other thread.

-- Al
Many thanks for your help! My Kenwood, BTW, is a KA-5002, ca. 1971. It seems to have a nice phono section. Later this year as funds allow I'd like to get hooked up with a C-85 control amp, or similar.

Unless of course my friends talk me into going "down the tubes." ;-)
Just so that I understand correctly-
I will only have one RCA coming from each of the two preouts on my preamp.

On the P2201 I see 2 XLR jacks- one male and one female- and 2 1/4 "headphone" jacks for each channel. Do I only need to use one? Which one would I use?
Yes, you would only use one connector for each channel. With the adapter I suggested, that would be the XLR female.

I had looked at the manual for the amp before responding earlier, and it indicated that all four input connectors on each channel are wired in parallel. So probably the only reason that more than one connector would be used at a time would be if you wanted to connect a signal into the amp, and then connect that same signal from the amp to another component.

BTW, based on some blurry rear panel photos I saw on the net it appears that the "pin 2 hot" setting of the polarity switch, that I indicated should be used, is the position that is depicted in the drawing adjacent to the switch as having pins 1 and 3 connected together and to "G" (ground).

-- Al