Yamaha NS1000M Reliability

Hi, I have a chance to pick up a pair. Upon doing some searches on the 'net, I constantly came up with posts that owners said they fried the drivers at least once. Is it that easy to over-load the drivers and as far as I recollect from the posts, the drivers are very expensive and hard to find? Can someone please share reliability experience with these 1000s?
I owned these for 5 years in the early '80s and had no trouble with them. Sold them for more than I originally paid. I've never read reports of them being easy to overload. They were very well made.

A fine loudspeaker.

I have had mine for 28 years (?). Yes, I have destroyed the HF drivers once, due to a stupid mistake, entirely my fault! Other than this one incident, they have worked flawlessly for the last 28 years. Still sound fine to me and the surrounds on the bass driver appear just fine.
I have had mine since 1981 - for 29 years. They are still in mint shape, and I have never had any problems. They have no overload protection, so they can be damaged if you overload them, like any other speaker. But they are not any "easier" to overload than any other speaker. I have driven them hard, but within limits, and they have never shown the slightest distortion or any hint of overload. If you are careful, they should give you no problems. You can't get speakers of this SQ today at the price you will pay for them.
My parents still have their pair, 31-32yrs on. They sound nice.