Yamaha NS-500M and NS-75T speakers

My question is : Are the Yamaha NS-500M speakers the same as the yamaha NS-75T`s ? When you see them side by side they look the same and they have the same drivers whats up with that ? And do they handle the same amount of power ? Does anyone know the answers ?
Yamaha speakers: useful site for specs


has, apparently for each of the impressive 86 models shown, a link to a spec sheet, e.g., fot the 500M, to


which, HOWEVER, is in Japanese.But, you can get a (crudely) machine translated version of it at this URL:

Apparently, for any other speaker on the first page cited above, you can get a translated spec sheet by substituting the appropriate model designation for the string `ns-500m`, which appears near the end of the second URL. NOTE: the model designaton is case sensitive, and in www.audio-heritage.jp's usage apparently must be in lower case, even though, as the spec sheet itself shows, `NS-500M` is more correct.

HOWEVER, you have another problem: the Yamaha speaker page does not show a `NS-75T`, nor does `ns-75t` work as a substitution. (Perhaps a model not offered in Nippon?)

Good Luck and Happy Hunting.