Yamaha NS-1000M

Let me know if you have or have listened to these speakers. I have owned a pair for the past 2-3 months and they are really nice. I own a pair of Pinnacle Aerogels that don't have quite the detail or quickness in the midrange and tweeter. I have not heard speakers this nice under $2-2,500. Really unbelievable!
I owned a pair for 5 years back in 1979 - bought new. Sold them for what I paid for them, but I still miss them.

In fact, the Coincident Super Eclipse IIs I bought 4+ years ago were obtained in the somewhat rare black finish to remind me of the old Yammies.

Great top end and midrange. Wonderful depth in the bass, but a little slow. I used to drive them with a 100w class A sand amp - one of Kostas Metaxas early efforts, before he went all boutique. Really controlled that 12 inch paper cone.

There is an inmate on Audio Asylum who runs NS1000s in a studio and emailed me the measured response. His room was almost flat down to 30 Hz, which made me sit up. He loves the Yammies.


I owned them for a year or two around 1976-77. Replaced with Quads. I don't think I ever powered them properly and, back in that day, we didn't know about putting them up on stands, break in, etc.. They really captured my fancy when I auditioned them (much as Avalons did 20 years later), but I came to feel that they sounded rather artificial and metallic and too "present", though you could adjust the levels on the mid and tweet. I blew out more than one tweeter, too. Great bass, though. Sealed box, right?

Would love to hear again in a modern system.
You should read Hi-fi World. The editor uses the Yammys as his reference.
I purchased a pair new in 1980; still use them in my second system, driven by a QUAD 606-II power amp. I could not even think about parting with them now. They still look great and sound excellent. Lots of dynamic range, tight bass and crystal clear mid/upper with fantastic transient response. Of course there are better speakers available (I love my Nautilus 801s), but for the money and longevity, you can't beat the NS1000Ms.
I agree. They typically sell for around $1,000 nowadays..give or take $300. I have the madacassar (spelling?) ebony finish. I have fallen in love with them. I'm using them in my office and I'm having difficulty partying with them. Much like the Altec A7 Voice of the Theaters that I kept in my garage for a year. I refinished those. They two had a great, but unique sound.