Yamaha Natural Sound RX-V1070 Repair

I have a Yamaha 1070 that doesn't put out sound through the speaker outputs (A/B). When I plug into the headphone jack there is only a faint signal when the volume knob is at max.

I don't have $ invested in this unit but I want to use it as an opportunity to begin learning how to diagnose and fix audio gear on my own.

If anyone has any knowledge about typical failure points for this unit or one similar that would be a helpful starting point. I've found the manual online, as well as a service manual.

My biggest question is whether I'm looking at a bunch of blown capacitors on the amplifier section or if I'm looking at an excessive amount of glue (I think they're all blown. Please follow the link below for a picture that is representative of what I'm seeing.


What is your preferred way of removing, cleaning, and then replacing bad caps?

Thanks in advance for any advice. Hope everyone is listening to something good this weekend!
You may have a broken cable. I would swap them out to be sure. They don't have to be expensive, you're just using them to test the equipment.