Yamaha M45 repair... worth it??

Fellow audioholics and enthusiasts... I was recently enjoying some tunes from the TT and while enjoying those tunes, my Yamaha M45 amp decided to go out on me. Not only did it decide it was done working, but it decided to take my Klipsch SP1s along with it. Needless to say, i wasn't to happy. Luckily I had a set of Boston Acoustic VR series in the spare room and am using those now. Back to the point of my writing... Would it be worth fixing my Yammy and Klipsch speakers, or just replace them? I was using a Pioneer Elite receiver to drive the Yammy and then using the Yammy to drive the Klipschs. When working, the Yamaha was a great sounding amp and matched really well with the Klipsch SP1s. Any advice would be great on where to go... Thank you in advance...
It will likely cost quite a bit to fix these older components. If it is a small job like a single resistor or even better an internal breaker sure fix them. Otherwise you would do well to listen to some more modern components, You also need to state a budget, but repairing old gear gets expoensive fast.
It could be different things that need to be replaced, the real problem is that you sometimes cannot find replacement parts for it (such as chips etc). I suggest going to audiokarma, lots of guys there are yamaha users.