Yamaha M & MX Amps

Can anyone point me or comment on specs on Yamaha M80, M85, MX1000 and MX1 amps. They all seem good high current and powerful amps but I'm sruggling to find any accurate tech reference material (besides MX1 from Yamaha). Is there an archive site anyone know the URL to?

Appreciate any advice.

The MX 1000U (U = United States) is the only one on your list I have info on. The MX-1000 is very similiar, but had the ability to be switched for differing operating voltages.

Minimum RMS Output Power per Channel:
8 ohms 260 watts
6 ohms 295 watts
4 ohms 330 watts

Supposedly stable into 1 ohm loads as well, but have no specs.

I have the original sales brochure for the MX 1000U, MX-830, & Mx-630 as well as the operating manual for the MX-1000U if you are interested in specifics. Just email me.

I follow auctions (usually on Ebay) for the MX-1000 & MX-1000U and even after 12 years the MX-1000's usually sell for over 50% of their new price, so there is still plenty of demand for them.
The M80 is either 240wpc or 260wpc I have the amp at home and could check for you.Class A to 30wpc. The M80, M65, M60 series are the older models and they have left and right gain controls and A,B and C speaker configurtions.
Try this little known Yamaha Japan website where you can download pretty much any manual they've written.