Yamaha M-80 , C-80 vs. Adcom 555, 565 ,5802

Any veteran audiophiles out there that can tell me the different sound quaility from the older stuff vs.newer adcom gear?

Yamaha M series is unlike anything else they have ever built-in my opinion. The first 10% or so is Class "A" rated power. It is much warmer and smoother than most solid state gear (much more tube-like). I would compare it to threshold, sumo, aragon or other class A rated gear.
I believe there was an M-80,60,45 and maybe more. These amps also has multi-channel outputs with impedance matching built in. The M-80 could run up to 3 pairs.
Would I take it over older adcom? Without a doubt.
Would I take it over newer Adcom? Not sure.... Some newer adcom gear is quite nice but much more pricey than 20 year old Yamaha.
Listen for yourself.
Hi, I have a Yamaha MX-1000 power amp,
I had a Yamaha CX-1000 pre-amp,
AFTER that I went to an Adcom GTP-600.
I can tell you sound wise, and quality wise,
go with the Yamaha!
thank you