Yamaha DVD C961

Any thought's on this? Was it a limited production unit do to Blu Ray gaining popularity around the time of it's release?
I acquired one for almost nothing the other day, and like it. I usually don't see Yamaha DVD players, see CD Changers by them often.
I sort of dumb lucked into it. I thought it was a nice unit, and since it had the remote, it was Yamaha, and I was looking for another changer (I have a Yamaha DV-C6760 that I have used for 7 years) I thought for the price, $12 it was a good buy.
I did not know where it ranked in the order of units from it's time period. So that was a nice surprise.
It was dirty on the outside, cleaned up very nice, and it looked like on the inside it was never used. And the tray is quite.