Yamaha DSP -Z7 or Denon 4310

Im considering one of these units to replacing my Denon 1910 .Im very familuar with the Denon house sound and want to upgrade for the Video & Sound improvements as well has Internet and compressed file decoding.
From my researching I read the 4310 sounds and performs very well but has trouble hooking up to the Internet.
The Yamaha Z7 has good reviews for the Internet and playing compressed files alomg with the Video and Sound.
All have a chance to hear the Denon buy not the Yamaha and wanted to hear from anyone who has heard these units.
Id like to keep any feedback strictly to the AV. side of things and not associated equipment please.

Thank you
I consider it a great multichannel amp, the sound is great.. Playing the Dolby TrueHD it is unbeatable.