Yamaha DSP-3090

Just got a Yamaha DSP-3090. Anyone running this and do you have any advice on best set up procedures? It has had the MSB DTS upgrade. I am used to changing the volume of the rear surround speakers because of material encoded differently on laser dics and dvds. Manual says to set and forget. I just hooked this up and am going thru a very exstensive set menu. Other 3090 ownwers, let's talk.
I often change the volume of the rear (especially) speakers secondary to differences in encoded material and if I am using one of the sound fields, as there is no feature to set the preferred volume levels for each sound field. Let you ears be your guide, not the manual. Incidentally, I do not have the DTS feature on my unit. I also do not use it's internal amps, which does IMO improve the sound.
I used to adjust everything all the time. Now I have a Polk SRT system and everything sounds good. Audio usually sounds better in "effect off" but I sometimes listen in "Jazz/ cellar club" or "Rock/warehouse". Names may be a little off I did not go look Im guessing from memory. I am using a Sunfire Cinema Grande for power and all Kimber 8TC for speaker wire. I use Phoenix Gold for interconnects. The worst part about the 3090 is no balanced in/outputs. It is a great unit but I will probably move up in a year or so to just a pre-amp with my cinema grande.