Yamaha DSP-1A Remote help

I recently aquired a Yamaha Intergrated Amp, DSP-1A but it did not come with a remote or manual. I did get a manual (PDF) thanks to a fellow Audiogon member, but unfortunately it does not specify the model# of the remote. Does anyone know the model# for this remote, or know of another remote that works for the amp? Better yet, if you have one for sale, I'm happy to buy it. Thanks.
If you mean the amp is a DSP-A1, the remote should be RAV 160.
You do want the RAV160. You can get a brand new one for $74.95 @ NewRemoteControl.com. I just checked on it and it is available. Hey, the DSP-A1 is a great unit!
My DSP-A1 is still in service in my setup with the remote. I find the SQ of music and BR/DVDs/CDs etc played through very enjoyable. Never a problem. Built like a tank.