Yamaha DPX-1 DLP: the ultimate projector ?

I have waited for years to make a decision for a home theater projector, because there are apparently a lot of improvemnents going on and top quality projectors become affordable. Is the DPX-1 the best one can get at this time? Is it a limitation that it is constructed as a 4:3 projector?
I see that the Yamaha retails for around $9K. For that kind of money, it should do a lot more than just 4:3. You don't want a projector that cannot do 16:9 or Anamorphic if you are going to use it for home theater movies. I would do a little more homework and shopping around... check out the Marantz VP-8100.
If it ain't widescreen, it ain't Home Theater! (excepting old classics).
I agree with the responses above, for that money I would definately be shopping for a projector with 16:9 and 4:3 capabilities also HDTV resolution, high contrast, reasonable bulb life and replacement cost, anamorphic & PC control capabilities, etc,etc. Check out the new Sony 11ht or the new Sanyo PLV60 or even the new Cinema 13HD from Projectorpeople.com. Any of these will give the new Yamaha a run for the money. Good Luck! Later...
OOPS! I'm sorry for the bad info, the Cinema 13HD I mentioned above is from Studio experience NOT Projector People. Later....
Ditto, go for 16:9! I have the Sony VW10HT 16:9 HDTV-ready projector and for the money (especially if purchased used), nothing comes close. The Sony VW11HT sounds like another winner.
Davec, I am curious as to what the differences will be between the 10HT and the 11 HT. I tried Sony's website and couldn't find any info. Can you help me out here?