Yamaha CX-A5200 - Connect a tape deck?

1. This pre-amp doesn't have a tape loop function, nor does it seem to have a fixed audio out. Anyone found a workaround to connecting a tape deck to it?

2. I have a Furman PS-Pro II power sequencer which is powered up by shorting to ground. This pre-amp has a "trigger out" jack which can be +12v or off, so I think I can run it through a relay, but there are no specs on how many amps it can supply to hold a relay. Any ideas?
You can connect the tape deck to any high level input on your Yamaha for playback. In terms of a tape loop are you planning to do a lot of recording? If not don't worry about it.
1. zone2 or 3 set to fixed volume,

2. usually not excess 100mA, or a relay coil not less than 120ohm.