yamaha cx-1000u rs..can I run 2 subs?

I am wondering if I can hook up 2 subs useing this pre amp.I know its old.But you have to start somewhere.The manual doesn't say squat about subs,and I don't know too much about hooking them up.I have a wharfedale power cube 10 running on my ht setup.Thinking of useing that and maybe getting a svs pb10 nsd.Any input would be gr8!
Does it have more than one pair of audio outputs? If it doesn't you will need to use Y cables or the in and outs on the sub.
Yes it does.Two sets.thank you.If I was going two upgrade to something from this decade and not go crazy with $,what would you recomend?I would like to be able two run maltipal amps and subs?
I should've said,I now use nad power.Thinking of moving into anthem...not sure.
Do you have preamp out? If so, what I do is run the preamp out to xover/amp for your sub and back. Usually you will see a jumper cable, if you have an integrated amp or reciver. I run the left cable to left sub, etc. On my minsystem I use a y cable or connector. I asume you are using a powered sub w/xover.
on my preamp I have cd,tuner,tape1/dat2,tape3,cdv1,cdv2,vcr1,vcr2,output1,2..I also have optical connections?Are these better ways to connect things?
We are basically talking about outputs. That limits you to basically the tape loop and the preamp out.The fact that you have output 1&2 is good. That maximzes your options. I assume the outputs are in stereo?
I also see phono jacks I missed.Yes the 1 and 2 output are stereo.I dont see anything on this preamp that says preamp out.And i'm not sure what a tape loop is.Forgive my ignorance.
If you are usiing a classic preamp you are covered by outputs 1&2. Some time ago makers of int. amps and receivers gave thier owners the option of using an outboard amp. You then could use the recvr.,preamp. along with a basic amp of your choice. The most common reason was for more power.
Before that many used the tape output/input for processor like equalizers. Thus you could feed the entire signal out on the tape out and back in. DbX expander was another device that could be used this way. You might be able to use your sub/amp/xover this way but be careful.
yup seperate pre and amp..and I think I'm getting this now.So if I have two amps connected through my 1 and 2.Where would i connect a sub,or 2?I can use my tape 1,2 or 3 for this?
my first choice is to put it between the preamp and amp of the system sub is serving. Try putting it between output 1. As always turn everything off. turn volume down. Power up slowly. Stay near the volume control and on/off switch. Any thing that sounds amiss turn volume down and shut off immediately. Your subsystem should have some advice on this.
If you have two pair of outputs for an amp, it would be best to use one pair of those to the subs. Y cables will work if you only have one pair of outs.
Thanks for all the info.
did you get it up and running?
I have to make a decision on a second sub.This decision is driving me nuts!Can't choose between buying something like a svs or hsu new.Or to buy a more expensive used 1.Not sure if the quality of a lesser priced new sub would = or be better then a older more expensive 1.Going to make a decision this week.I freaking hope..and so do those all around me..I think even my 8 year old knows sup specs now.
settled on a hgs-10..worked well thanks..sould've bought a bigger sub tho.
ralphnoonan, Sure, you can use two subs. One choice might be a pair of Yamaha powered subs. Another choice might be getting a pair of ERA subs, and this is the choice I'd make. The ERAs are marvelous, tight sounding 10 inch woofer beauties for $1000 a piece. The Yamaha subs would be less money, especially if used, and also sound good.

Have fun.