Yamaha CX-10000 centennial preamp

Hi guys,

Anyone know about this preamp and its value? I managed to pick one up recently and was told after that only 100 were made to commemorate Yamahas anniversary...and then they cost $10000 each?


This is like the rich uncle to my 1987 vintage AVX100U integrated.
Find the companion MX-10000 and you have one of the finest amp/preamp combos ever made. And one that's built to last. I owned the MX-10000 / CX-10000 combo some years ago and am very sorry I parted with them. Blew the roof off of my house and my eardrums and did so beautifully. Very rare, yes (not as rare as just 100 units made though). If you search the net you'll see that there are those who will pay big $$ for units dead or alive. Yamaha made these wonderful monsters with the finest materials available at the time and built them to last. Very high quality engineering. The price point in the late 70s is what did them in along with the beginning of the move away from solid state (so I've read). There was not a large enough market for Yamaha to justify building these monsters. Same fate even occurred with the downsized, but still monstrous 1000 series which retailed for over $2k per unit in 1978 $$s. I believe the 10000 series retailed in the neighborhood of $3-$4k in 1978 $$s but can't remember for certain. After phasing out production on the 10000s and 1000s and the wonderful CR series of receivers,Yamaha began marketing to a broader market in order to follow the money. I do not feel Yamaha was ever quite as good sounding again audio-wise (to my ears). I very happily own a Yamaha MX-1000U / CX-1000U combo now and it stands tall to both the Krell(especially) and Mac I owned previously. Real natural sound with power that seems to never end, a terrific phono stage, and many other quality feature functions with a very serious no frills look in BLACK. The 10000 is even a couple of magnitude finer than the 1000s.
Lucky you!
1987 retail was $7500, bluebook used average is $1580. Great link, what a tank. Do you like the sonics?
Yeah i think its worth substantially more than the bluebook price. A fellow Yammie collector told me that the last CX-10000/MX-10000 combo sold to a US guy for $10000.

I import the NS-1000X and NS-2000 from japan to sell on uk ebay. Never seen a pair of NSX-10000...for me they represent the final speaker purchase!

Cant believe i managed to snare one of the CX's!!!

Very nice. Certainly humbles my C-80/M-80 set up, although the C-80/M-80 are very nice and in my opinion are near the top of the Yamaha gear other than the few more rare beasts such as yours.
Dear Friend,
this is Fulvio of Rome Italy.
I'm the happy owner of the whole Yamaha Centennial Serie,
when I was young I worked with two of the most famous HiFi Magazine in Italy and during the 1987 SIM I bought the above serie (I paid the preamp and the power amp almost 27 miolion of Italian lire!)
I'm a lover of esoteric HiFi and believe this serie is amazing, I used a lot of fabulous amps but always the Yamaha won Vs Mark Levinson Krell Threshold and so on.
If there is some one interesting in the serie I have a friend available to sell his serie without the phono preamp (the CD-CDX and the MX-10000)
Have a good day friend!
Fulvio Diana EMail: fulvio.diana@tiscali.it
Richard, if you do a few upgrades to the CX, it will really sing. I have done similar upgrades to teh CX-1 with outstanding results.