Yamaha CRW-F1 CDR users: any complaints?

Any long-term users of this CDR care to comments on the pluses and minuses of this particular recorder? (I am particularly interested in the external drive; I use Windows XP Home edition).

Any comments about the best blank CDRs for this particular CDR?

Thanks in advance!
I use one in my office.

Fast coyping time
Trouble free for last 4 months under heavy use
Firewire equipped
After a long break in, its transport section is neutral and fast, however,
lacks in body and bass authority.

Mechanically Noisy.

sorry, I haven't done enough listening test to see which blank media
is best since it still does not make a perfect copy.
Works fine with the Nero software it is bundled with but is slow with EAC if you are interested in making bit for bit perfect copies. It is much slower than drives like Plextor which are capable of error detection using EAC.
I have yet to find a source of media with dark dye to work well with the disc T@2 feature for burning text and pictures onto the disc. The Yamaha site has been sold out of these every time I have checked. It is also hard to find the 24x CDRW discs, the only source so far seems to be Yamaha. I have found that copies made using the advanced audio master quality recording mode sound inferior to those made with the normal copy mode. If you are using EAC or if the T@2 and audio master features attracted you to this drive you may wish to reconsider.