Yamaha CR-840 bulb replacement

Just bought a Yamaha CR-840 on eBay and some of the bulbs are out, i.e. signal quality, FM tuning meters, and tuning scale. I was told by the seller that it's an easy fix, but I'm not so sure. Firstly, I (and he) don't know what the replacement bulbs are, where they can be bought, and how to insert/connect them. I'm 70, don't know a thing about electronics and have a propensity to screw up anything to do with electricity and/or water. So it may be a little beyond me. I also live in a very small rural town and finding a technician will probably be difficult. I know of a shop that installs car audio and they've got a couple of old-timers but their rate is $70/hour just to look at something.

Can anyone enlighten me on the this? Thanks.