Yamaha CR-2020 Meter Lamps. HELP

Hello. I need a little help. I have a Yamaha CR-2020 Receiver. It has four meter lamps. The first one on the left is very bright. The second one is burned out. The third, and fourth ones are very dim. I have been told that they are wired in series-parallel. Can anybody please tell me the voltage, and milliamps of these replacement lamps? I measured them, and they are about four millimeters thick. Thank you very much. John.
Hi: Try classicaudio.com and their tech can certainly assist or repair this for you.
Try RadioShack Minature Lamps 12 Volts Catalog #: 272-1141 at $1.29 each. There are 4 lamps for the meters and 1 for the tuning cursor. You may as well replace all of them at once while you are in there. The cursor lamp replacement may take some carving on the lamp base material to fit.