Yamaha CDX-910U

Hi, I just purchase a Yamaha CDX-910U Cd player. I was wondering where can I get information on this cd player and has anyone use this cd player before? How does it compare to other cd players within the price range? ThanksAlfredo
is that the one Yamaha mfg in 1988?

I think you talking about the CDX 1100U.

It was a great CDP in 1988.
This unit was mfg in 1988. Yes, this unit sound excellent and it plays CD-R and CD-RW cds. Also this unit is HEAVY!
it was around $600-$800 retail in 1988. mine is buried in the garage somewhere. drawer sticks a little, but plays fine. yes, it does have some mass to it, at least when compared to todays mass market machines. other parts of it are pure mass production (the plastic drawer, the stamped metal over plastic press-fit RCA connectors (not even soldered!), etc). The mechanism, subchassis, feet, and power supply were ahead of their time.

the last time i listened to it, i was shocked by how bad it was. all of todays $300 CD players will easily trounce it. in it's day, 16 years ago, it was one of the first steps in the right direction.