Yamaha CDR-HD1300 - Any good with a DAC?

I'm thinking of purchasing a Yamaha CDR-HD1300 CD-R/HDD Recorder to use as a juke box in my system but I want to use it with my DAC.

Does any one have experience of using one of these with an external DAC?
I purchased a CDR-HD1500 and use it with my Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC. I have copied about 200 CD's so far to the unit and they sound great off the HDD thru the Tri-Vista.
As I stated in a previous post concerning "tagging" titles with the '1300, it is perfect for use with an outboard DAC as it is one of the few, (only?), HD's that uses no compression.
I use it into a Rotel RSP1068, (oh to have a digital input on my Sony XA9000SACD player!). This is used in a music only surround system, so I simply bought the cheapest portable DVD player to use as the video display for disc titles and menu for the 1068.
The new, in stores now, HD2500, is now 280mb storage! Burns a fantastic disc when kicked into UHQR mode also. Although this activates the "digital move" function and removes the data from the HD when making a copy.
This is by far my favorite new toy.
Mistake made on model number. It is the new '1500. The website claims 200gb, but a rep has told me 280gb. I will try and find out more.
Sorry for the mistake.
Thanks for replies, guys.
The new HD1500 sounds good.
I'm assuming that noise from the fan is unobtrusive?
I'm gonna check it out anyway.
I have never heard the fan in operation.

Being the proud owners of the HD1300/1500's I wonder if I could ask you a couple of questions?

I have owned a 1300 for sometime now and am very very happy with the machine.

I have been hunting around trying to find if anyone has had any success in installing a larger HD in a 1300, as I understand that the firmware prevents any drives larger than 135Gig being installed. That is to say a 200Gig drive will still only be recognised as a 135.

As I understand it there IS some firmware available, but Yamaha do not give this out to the general public.

Now I see that a HD1500 has been released, so I'm wondering if an HD drive that has been formatted by the 1500 (say 250Gig) would work to full capacity in a 1300, and not be limited to 135Gig???

Or indeed, where to get the firmware?

Your thoughts??