Yamaha CD-S2000 SACD player...

I've seen announcements about this new SACD player in several British audio magazines. Does anyone know if this will be sold in the States? Has anyone yet heard it and have some impressions? Tks.

Wait for there first blu-ray player that should also do SACD and Red Book CD's. Hey the future is blue-ray, and you can expect Sony to release almost all their SACD in Blue-Ray format soon. Since all the mastering is done, the price should be reasonable. Can't wait for Miles/Blue
Here's one on eBay.
Yamaha is shipping this unit to dealers who order it into inventory. This directly from Yamaha-US customer service in response to my inquiry. Unfortunately, I cannot find any dealer within 200 miles of me (Madison, WI) that has a demo unit on display. The dealers that I have called in Chicago and Milwaukee have told me that they would special order one for me, but I would be stuck with it forever if I did not like the way it sounded. No returns on special orders. I am holding back an order until I can hear one perform. If anyone auditions one, I would appreciate a post to this thread. Thanks in advance.