Yamaha C-70 preamp - What is "Direct Phono"?

Hi - I just picked one of these up at a Goodwill and it seems to have a pretty nice, complete phono section with various cartridge options, etc. But there are 2 inputs for "Direct Phono" on the rear panel (1 for MM, 1 for MC). Does anyone out there know what these are for/do?

Cheers, Chip
Direct means that the phono preamp will bypass tone controls and other circuits for a cleaner sound.
I have this preamp. Mine is in intermittent working condition.
The MM input is for Moving Magnet phono cartridge.
The MC " " " " Coil " "
Direct phono does bypass the parametric equalizer tone controls. It turns them off. You can turn them back on by pressing "direct phono" so the light go out.
Regards, Gabe
So, how is the phono section? Any good?